Why I painted with my feet

My first feet paintings I made of Shakira and Angelina Jolie and the pencil drawings I made of Bella Poarch, Harry Potter Billie Eilish and Wonder Woman. I tried to draw Billie Eilish in 3D as you can see, (I used scissors to cut the paper to make it look more 3D). I never tried

Over 5 millions views

When I started the painting with my feet project; I never would have imagined my video going viral on TikTok. I am totally overwhelmed by the exposure to so many people all around the world. Thank you also for all the positive reactions.

40 minute feet painting process video

There is now a 40 minute version online, which I made for people who are more interested in the process of me drawing and painting 6 portraits with both feet and hands. This process is better to see when the video is slowed down and only ten times accelerated. Ofcourse it takes a lot more

Thank you for all the comments

Thank you all for the uplifting comments all over my social media channels on my ‘feet painting’ video. Here are a few of them: Bas Smit (Dutch celebrity): “This really is not normal” “If this is possible, we can potentially do everything” “This is almost alien” “You’re really come from another planet” “You use every

40 minutes feet drawing and painting

Today I will upload the slower version of my newest video where I am drawing with both feet and hands 6 realistic portraits. This video will be accelerated 10 times and duration is 40 minutes. That way you can see how the process of multitasking is done and you will notice the back and forth


From now on there will be blogs about Rajacenna, drawing, art, the brain, expositions, behind the scenes, technical explanations regarding multi-task-drawing/painting (with and without feet), interviews etc..