Rehearsing my TV-show entrance

This is a short video clip of me from a rehearsal of the German TV-show ‘Was Kann Der Mensch’; waiting behind the scenes to come up.

We had to rehearse this several times, because I worked with dancers and everything was choreographed.

They bought me special high heels because during the show element I had to quickly take them off when sitting on the glass table on stage. It all was timed and we only had a couple of minutes to perform.

The moment I put the shoes on; I totally couldn’t walk on them because I wasn’t used to such high heels. I had to practice walking on them, but after a couple of minutes it became easier. Only my feet had a different thought about the easy part. Soon I developed a wound beside my foot because of course that often happens when you have new shoes. It hurt a little when I had to come up and was happy to take them off immediately after I sat down on my drawing table in the tv studio.

The guys of the lights and sounds were very helpful though and provided me a chair to sit on during waiting. That was very kind of them.

Before walking through the doors to appear on stage for the public; I had to listen careful to the music to know when my turn was. The moment I’ll got to the entrance you’ll see Saturday 6 May, 20:15 on ARD1 German TV.