Rajacenna in trailer Was Kann Der Mensch

Saturday the first episode of this new German TV-show will be broadcasted at 20:15u on ARD1 in Germany. The ‘Was Kann Der Mensch‘- show starts of with Rajacenna and the oddity of drawing and painting with feet at the same time.

It was such fun for Rajacenna to be part of this whole new show from Dr. Eckart Hirschhausen. She spend a whole week in Cologne to rehearse for the short trailer which you’ll be seeing in the show and of course the show act around her as drawing/painting artist.

The shows will be about humans and our abilities. What spectacular top performances are we capable of and why is that so? How do normal people manage to achieve incredible achievements in everyday life?

Fascinating achievements of the brain will be discussed by Eckart von Hirschhausen and teams of German celebrities will show their skills in challenges and games.