Behind the scenes of Galileo

In 2019 German TV-show ‘Galileo’, which is broadcasted in several other countries also; made a mini-documentary about Rajacenna at her studio in the Netherlands. During the filming of that episode they also covered the EEG-scan of her brain while she was drawing two different realistic drawings at the same time. Now in 2023 they returned

Fake Instagram Account

CAUTION:  There is a FAKE account on Instagram (officialrajacenna) that is pretending to be me and is sending people DM’s and  ask for money for artwork commissions. I will never do this. Please report that account to Instagram. Thank you

Simple brain exercise to try

Let me know if you could do it too! Only 1 percent of people are naturally ambidextrous, meaning they could use both hands with equal skills (that doesn’t mean you have to draw at the same time of course but maybe you can do that too). Maybe you are ambidextrous too but you didn’t realize

Employer with social heart

As a part of ‘Sander en de Hartenjagers’ / Sander and the Heartchasers; I went to a catering company in Rotterdam, The Lunch Bunch; they prepare and deliver lunches for businesses. There I interviewed the owner and a employer who used to be a candidate with a distance to the labor market. Before she was


Happy to be part of the Hartenjagers / Heartchasers in collaboration with the city of Rotterdam to create working places for disabled yet talented and unique people. Because every human being is unique and wants to use his or her talent in society.  Together with Dutch radio host Sander de Kramer, comedian Jörgen Raymann and

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Behind the scenes Hartenjagers

Preparing for a new side-project that I will be part of in collaboration with the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The theme will be all about employers getting introduced with the possibilities of wage cost subsidy and compensation when they hire people with disabilities.

Angel of Hope

This drawing I made simultaneously along with 3 other drawings. They are drawn upside down and I only used colored pencils.  The meaning behind this artwork is to show that there is always hope in difficult times. The pink means softness, compassion and kindness. We see the clouds almost completely dissapearing and in the left

Interview RTL Life

I did a video interview with RTL Life Magazine which will be broadcasted on Saturday 10th of September on RTL TV Germany. l