What kind of music playlist is playing when you draw like that?

Once in a while I will be answering your questions by blog, faq or video.

I just saw the 20 hours videos and can’t help but wonder what music you were playing to best stay in the flow state zone.

My answer:
When I listen to music it mostly is classical, instrumental from movies or series, or a playlist with a combination of it all. Sometimes I listen to albums and I also like the soundtracks of a famous Dutch fantasy amusement park ‘The Efteling’.

I love audio books the most. My most favorite book is definitely Harry Potter. I’ve read the books since I was a child and it was the very first book I ever read in my life. When I was older there were audio’s available; I started to listen to them in English because the Dutch ones were too expensive at that time. I also always listen to Harry Potter before I go to sleep every night.

Furthermore I listen to all kinds of biography audio books and romans which I would never pick up in real life but still enjoy them when listening to it. I discovered books that I normally not would have given a chance.

Also I like lectures and educational audio books about for example the galaxy and the star systems I find very interesting. I very much like to delve in interesting topics and always want to explore different sides of things.

I also like history audio books and want to know what is going on generally in the world and dive into that for all kinds of different view points. I often listen podcasts about them.