Me Live on TV-show Humberto

I was invited as guest to the Humberto live TV-show (RTL television) in the Netherlands. It was awesome to be in his show and I was very happy to be invited!  It was the first episode of the a series of new shows broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  The whole studio was totally new

Defining the word simultaneously

Sometimes questions arises about the word ‘simultaneously’ regarding the way of Rajacenna creating her artworks with both hands and now also with both feet. Is Rajacenna moving her hand and pencil simultaneously with both hands at the same time and does she stroke her pencil exactly at the same time left and right? Well the

Ultimate patience and concentration

The 20 hours on real time footage of the drawing/painting by Rajacenna with both hands and feet project implicates a huge amount of patience and concentration while multi tasking between each drawing/painting. The speed up of the video is misleading for what is actual going on while working on such a complicated project. Every drawing/painting

2 short real-time clips of my viral video

These are 2 short real-time clips of my latest viral video where I use my feet and hands to draw and paint 6 portraits which took me around 20 hours to make. You can see it’s a very slow process, I really love multitasking and working this way it’s really peaceful, but a lot of

Glass table issues

For my first ever feet drawing video I bought a glass table so I can have a good overview of painting with my feet. That way I could see right through the glass checking what my feet where doing lol. There was only one issue which I didn’t think of during filming: the glass table

Hard To Believe

Kaum Zu Glauben is a well know primetime German TV-show. The English translation of it is: ‘Hard To Believe’. In the show a panel of 4 people have to guess the remarkable secrets of the guests by asking them questions. The guests only can answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Each participant can win up to

Draw-Some DailyMail clarification

Today an article about me appeared in the DailyMail. Which is ‘DRAW-SOME’ to speak with their own invented word. One note: I never ‘claimed’ that I have “taken a scan that revealed extraordinary brain….”. Those are facts just as: ‘The connectivity between the left and right brain are totally connected and three times higher than

Me in The Sun

They published a short article about me in The Sun. You can read it here: