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Rajacenna is world’s foremost quadridextrous- ambidextrous hyper-photo-realistic 4-limbed drawing phenomenon. She is able to create 6 different photo-realistic drawings with two feet and two hands at the same time.
She is one of the very few authorities on a unique peak performance in the world who really has the experience what she preaches.

Superhuman brain activity is registered in Rajacenna’s brain during a EEG scan research.

Rajacenna is an “extraordinary human being; she has a very exceptional brain”: is the conclusion of Bill Scott, neuro therapist and world’s number one EEG Biofeedback expert. “I have never seen this before in anyone’s brain.” Also other brain experts confirm the exceptional functioning of Rajacenna’s brain.

Rajacenna’s brain showed:
• an Einstein brain signature
• the highest brain peak performance ever measured
• that it is for the most part sleeping during drawing simultaneously at the highest level

About these unique findings and how to get the maximum out of your brain, a special book will be released; written by Rajacenna with cooperation of some neuro experts.
Rajacenna says people are capable of much more than they think they can.

She shows people and organizations how to reach their seemingly extraordinary achievements by unlocking their hidden potential.
Rajacenna already at age 17 (2010) teached a Nintendo masterclass (zie txt) and spoke for several events.

Also at the age of 17, Rajacenna was one of the 400 most inspiring women and received the Born to lead Cosmopolitan Award.
She was invited by Justin Bieber’s record company to meet him and singer-songwriter Adam Young from the band Owl City asked her to make a promotional time lapse video of his album’s cover art.

What celebrities think of Rajacenna:
Justin Bieber: “Rajacenna’s artistic talent is amazing
Adam Young of Owl City: “Fantastic, this is so amazing. We are so inspired by your work and talent

As a teenager (2009) Rajacenna became instantly world-wide known because without ever having had any drawing lessons, she started drawing hyper realistically instantly from one day to the other in such a way that the drawing can not be distinguished from a photograph. Suddenly she was among the best artists in the world at a young age.
Now she makes the world amaze again by simultaneously creating two different hyper-photorealistic colour drawings with both hands. This is again extremely rare because she has never practiced it before and has mastered it in one go.