Rajacenna’s 1st Job at Age 3 & the Twin Drama Behind the Scenes

Twins, Toys, and Tears

This publication in the ‘InterToys’ was the very first job Rajacenna did at the age of 3, one week before getting 4 (1997).

Despite noticing a sunny setting; this scenery was on a rather cold day mid January. Since birth Rajacenna always had had problems with cold issues and even blue lips as a small baby, but when sitting on this picnic blanket she just acted like this was another spring day. 

As you see the other kid-model knibbling on a lolly-pop you wouldn’t have guessed what drama went on behind the scenes of this well known toys company photo shoot. 

As all three kids arrived on the set, the art-directors and photographers were in for a small shock en were anything but happy. The toy company in fact originally hired a twin-girl set from the model agency. The obvious reason for that was their identical looks. 

Twin drama

Well as those two sisters arrive on the set they looked nothing like twins at all. The twins they had their eyes on had both the same half long hair style. Well as it showed with their arrival: one sister had cut off and short hair. Which was not actually the deal between the kids mother and toy company. Or probably the marketing department of the regarding office. 

The people on the set were rather irritated and slightly upset, since they had other setup plans for the scene in question. A discussion went on between the mother of the girls and them because if you want to cut the hair of a child what is contracted by an agency, so they explanied, you have to ask explicit consent.

Dramatic turn

If they had known in advance, they wouldn’t have hired these twins at all because it was not part of the photoshoot script. So what happened now was, that the twin with the cut off hair was now being excluded from the whole photoshoot to make things worse.

Drama and devestation then took place for the twin girl in question and under the eys of the snottering and crying of this child, this whole happy scenery took olace and was this photo the result from.

All in all Rajacenna had a pleasant and cosy and interesting first work day while enjoying smarties and M&M’s from a paper cup. They also photographed a lot of scenes of Rajacenna and the girl playing with the stroller which they first had to unfold and set up with dolls and such. Those photos were never used though. They were nicely dressed for this occsssion by the stylists and Rajacenna remembers the whole photoshoot as being a totally new experience which she just let happen as it came.