Rajacenna in Was Kann Der MenschWatch here

30 Million views

My video about me creating 8 celebrities with both hands and feet at the same time just surpassed over 30 million views. When I started this project, I never expected to get such enthusiasm, which exceeded all expectations. Thank you for all your comments you shared; it is always fascinating to read your thoughts and

A Captivating Encounter with the Mayor

At his own request, the mayor of Vlaardingen, Bert Wijbenga, visited Rajacenna. With a bouquet of beautiful flowers he stepped into her art studio and took forty five minutes from his time to engage with her. He had seen her viral videos of her unique method of creating art everywhere in the news and was

Show entrance Rajacenna

The entrance of Rajacenna in the show “Was Kann Der Mensch“. Despite having a major wound on the side of her foot because; Rajacenna did her entrance in the show with a big smile as ever. The production team bought her beautiful special high heels for the show because she had to take them off

Neuroscientist: she does everything that neuroscience would not expect to be possible!

Rajacenna is asked by professor Onur Güntürkün, a Leibniz price winner neuroscientist (64y), with lifelong scientific expertise in brain asymmetries, to research her power of movement control in her brain via the corpus callosum. Professor Güntürkün says: Rajacenna “does everything that neuroscience would not expect to be possible!” Quadridextrous ambidexter Rajacenna is worldwide known for

Why are you drawing/painting upside down?

The main reason why Rajacenna is drawing and painting upside down is more logical than you would think. After she switched to the upside down creating she also came to know there were more advantages to this type of making art. When she started in 2009 filming her art; she mostly filmed from above or

Rehearsing my TV-show entrance

This is a short video clip of me from a rehearsal of the German TV-show ‘Was Kann Der Mensch’; waiting behind the scenes to come up. We had to rehearse this several times, because I worked with dancers and everything was choreographed. They bought me special high heels because during the show element I had

Rajacenna in trailer Was Kann Der Mensch

Saturday the first episode of this new German TV-show will be broadcasted at 20:15u on ARD1 in Germany. The ‘Was Kann Der Mensch‘- show starts of with Rajacenna and the oddity of drawing and painting with feet at the same time. It was such fun for Rajacenna to be part of this whole new show