Slow process

This was my second time of trying to draw with hands and feet. This video is the first part; the beginning stage of the project The Woman King. As you can see it’s a very slow process in real time but this way you can see the slow painting process a bit better. Maybe I

Blind Date Breakfast

The Blind Date Breakfast event in Rotterdam with Sander’s Heart Hunters was a major success. Within an hour the first match already was in the pocket and at the end there were a total of 15 matches made. This amount undoubtedly will be multiplied in the near future due to the follow-up agreements which can


On March 14 I was live on the ‘Morning in America’ show on NewsNationNow (USA). It was such a fun interview, but unfortunately for European countries the link to the interview can not be seen. A part of the interview can be seen on the Instagram account of NewsNation . The whole video I will

Fake Instagram Account

CAUTION:  There is a FAKE account on Instagram (officialrajacenna) that is pretending to be me and is sending people DM’s and  ask for money for artwork commissions. I will never do this. Please report that account to Instagram. Thank you

Simple brain exercise to try

Let me know if you could do it too! Only 1 percent of people are naturally ambidextrous, meaning they could use both hands with equal skills (that doesn’t mean you have to draw at the same time of course but maybe you can do that too). Maybe you are ambidextrous too but you didn’t realize

Employer with social heart

As a part of ‘Sander en de Hartenjagers’ / Sander and the Heartchasers; I went to a catering company in Rotterdam, The Lunch Bunch; they prepare and deliver lunches for businesses. There I interviewed the owner and a employer who used to be a candidate with a distance to the labor market. Before she was