Hard To Believe

Kaum Zu Glauben is a well know primetime German TV-show. The English translation of it is: ‘Hard To Believe’.

In the show a panel of 4 people have to guess the remarkable secrets of the guests by asking them questions. The guests only can answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Each participant can win up to € 1000,- in five rounds of questioning.

Kaum Zu Glauben was very fun to do. They asked me back in 2019 to participate as a guest and also came to my studio to film the short report they show at the end of the program.

Then came the lockdowns and didn’t I have a chance to actually go to the Hamburg studio’s to film the show until June (2022).

At this particular moment nobody yet knew that I already had finished my ‘simultaneously creating 4 drawings’-project, leave alone that I also used my feet. So in the show it was only about me creating 2 different realistic drawings at the same time.

My part in this XXL edition starts at 1:28u; you can watch the episode here: