From ambidexter to quadridexter

With all feet and hands at the same time creating 6 realistic portraits is the latest seemingly impossible brain drain of ambidexter and now quadridexter artist Rajacenna.

Her new video had gone viral within one day on TikTok.

This shift of her artistic skills proves that the brain is capable of more than meets the eye. Not only is she creating 4 high level pencil drawings with 2 hands, but also painting 2 portraits with her feet at the same time.

The 6 portraits of Angelina Jolie, Harry Potter, Shakira, WonderWoman and Bella Poarch are also created upside down and 1 drawing of Billie Eilish in 3D, making it look like she is coming out of the paper.

Rajacenna says people are capable of much more than they think and she is dedicated to empower people stretching the frontiers of their abilities so they can be more effective, productive, focussed during everyday’s activities.

What others say about Rajacenna:
“Utter shock and disbelief, subsided swiftly by amazement”
“Being able to use that much of your brain for these automotive skills is a gift (or a curse?)
“Are you really human”