Preperations newest project

A new project is about to be released by Rajacenna soon. Before people can see the results of every project she does; a lot of preperations are going on behind the scenes.

She wants everything to be perfect for an ultimate presentation of her artwork projects which is rather complicated to film. She now decided to film with more camera’s out of various angles.

Her newest project now has 8 protagonists in it: 4 on the table and 4 on the floor. This was a challenge to deal with regarding the visibility of the 2 canvasses in the back which lay behind the table legs.

When filming on the front, a small part of the white surfaces are not good visible aswell as her feet painting on them. That’s why different camera angles come in handy.

This video shows the first time letting her legs exploring the 4 canvasses and her sticking the drawing paper to the glass table surface so they won’t move during drawing.

As you can see she also uses small pieces of transparant sheets so she doesn’t touch the paper regarding probable grease from the hands. Paper should always stay in the highest condition is Rajacenna’s opinion.

After releasing the footage of her new project; she also will be releasing real-time and zoomed in footage. So everyone can have a better view on details and the actual process of multi tasking with all her limbs.