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Rajacenna Live on Today Extra Australia Monday 10th April 2023 on channel Nine.01:40 AM CEST – Amsterdam, Netherlands Time (09:40 AM Sydney Time)

Creating 8 realistic paintings with hands and feet at the same time upside down within 24 hours 4 million views

Rajacenna has now created simultaneously 8 realistic drawings and paintings with both feet and hands upside down. While she coordinates multiple limbs at the same time, she manages to create realistic portraits of 8 celebrities; Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Zendaya, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Audrey Hepburn and TikTok phenomenon Khaby Lame. With 155 million followers,


On March 14 I was live on the ‘Morning in America’ show on NewsNationNow (USA). It was such a fun interview, but unfortunately for European countries the link to the interview can not be seen.

Rajacenna and The Woman King collaboration

Rajacenna was asked by Academy Award winner Viola Davis and Sony Pictures to immortalize the 5 lead actors of the new epic movie ‘The Woman King’ with both feet & hands at the same time. Viola Davis, leading character and also one of the producers of the film personally suggested to Sony Pictures if Rajacenna

Interview RTL Life

I did a video interview with RTL Life Magazine which will be broadcasted on Saturday 10th of September on RTL TV Germany. l