40 minute feet painting process video

There is now a 40 minute version online, which I made for people who are more interested in the process of me drawing and painting 6 portraits with both feet and hands.

This process is better to see when the video is slowed down and only ten times accelerated.

Ofcourse it takes a lot more work in the actual process than a speed up version.

In this video you can see more clearly how every time I have to get up from my chair to clean my brushes.

I’d like to use clean brushes with fresh paint and sharp pencils so a lot of sharpening is involved. Also sometimes I have to adjust the brushes on my feet.

The paint dries really fast which is a good thing; because that way my canvas stays clean when I rest my feet on them. The downside is that my brushes get dried up really fast so I have to get up and clean them many times.

Real time videos also coming in the near future. The whole real time process of this particular video eventually will be on my website.