Rajacenna in Was Kann Der MenschWatch here

Why are you drawing/painting upside down?

The main reason why Rajacenna is drawing and painting upside down is more logical than you would think. After she switched to the upside down creating she also came to know there were more advantages to this type of making art. When she started in 2009 filming her art; she mostly filmed from above or


I was enjoying this part of the project. While working on the paintings; I first tried to simplify the part of the shadows and drew the shapes of the darker parts. Then Icould finally fill them in with more paint and blend it better together. In this part of the project I still needed to

Slow process

This was my second time of trying to draw with hands and feet. This video is the first part; the beginning stage of the project The Woman King. As you can see it’s a very slow process in real time but this way you can see the slow painting process a bit better. Maybe I

Ultimate patience and concentration

The 20 hours on real time footage of the drawing/painting by Rajacenna with both hands and feet project implicates a huge amount of patience and concentration while multi tasking between each drawing/painting. The speed up of the video is misleading for what is actual going on while working on such a complicated project. Every drawing/painting

40 minute feet painting process video

There is now a 40 minute version online, which I made for people who are more interested in the process of me drawing and painting 6 portraits with both feet and hands. This process is better to see when the video is slowed down and only ten times accelerated. Ofcourse it takes a lot more

40 minutes feet drawing and painting

Today I will upload the slower version of my newest video where I am drawing with both feet and hands 6 realistic portraits. This video will be accelerated 10 times and duration is 40 minutes. That way you can see how the process of multitasking is done and you will notice the back and forth