Rajacenna in new German TV-show

The first new German Saturday night show of Was Kan Der Mensch / What are humans capable of – The Hirschhausen show premieres May 6th on WDR German TV.

Doctor Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen wants to celebrate humans and their abilities. Showing spectacular top performances of exceptional people, surprising talents and their fascinating achievements of the brain.

What top achievements are possible and why is that so? What happens in the brain when we draw with both hands simultaneously? How can people learn to speak backwards and even sing? How much is talent relevant and what what skills we are capable of.

In this 180 minutes show; two prominent teams of celebrities fight for 30,000 euros for a good purpose through showing their own skills in challenges and games.

On 6 May 2023 the German celebrities will be: Jorge González, Judith Rakers, Dietmar Bär, Bjarne Mädel, Janin Ullmann and Simone Thomalla.

About von Hirschhausen
Dr. Eckart studied medicine and graduated magna cum laude, was scientific journalist for Focus and Der Tagesspiegel.

Since 2004 he host many German scientific TV-shows and also presents strange news and facts from the world of scientific research.

At this moment Rajacenna can not yet reveal how the show looks like, but she will share footage or images of that in the coming weeks. A sneak peak is to be seen here.