Blind Date Breakfast

Rajacenna and Sander de Kramer

The Blind Date Breakfast event in Rotterdam with Sander’s Heart Hunters was a major success. Within an hour the first match already was in the pocket and at the end there were a total of 15 matches made. This amount undoubtedly will be multiplied in the near future due to the follow-up agreements which can lead to even more matches.

de Hartenjagers

Matching people with a distance to labor market with employers with a social heart was not something I ever thought it existed and I would be part of; so I was honoured they asked me for that.

Being a connecting factor for me is so important because I know how it feels not being able to fully participate in society due to my own health issues.

talking with another creative person at the blind breakfast event

It was very interesting talking to people who experience the same obstacles when it comes to finding out where your bounderies are and what you can offer anyway to society and having a meaningful life. It all depends on the view on the unique options there are for you. Sharing thoughts about that can be clarifying and in this context it can bring employees and employers closer together.