9,5 hours of realtime ‘Woman King’ P2

This is the real time footage of The Woman Kind part 2 (from 5).

In this part of the project I was still working on the faces of the paintings and also was really busy on the 3 drawings.

Those particular portraits of the actors of the movie ‘The Woman King’ had so many tiny details that it felt like a puzzle.

I was a bit slower than the other days in this part. The reason was that I was having period cramps and felt a little sick. That ‘s why I made weird faces also sometimes during taping these videos. But I had to continue working because of a deadline for Sony Pictures. So despite my period I continued working on the project.

When you see me walking away I clean my brushes, put new paint on it and I’m also checking my cameras. I’ll have to turn them on and off; because they can’t record for a long time straight.