Thank you for all the comments

Thank you all for the uplifting comments all over my social media channels on my ‘feet painting’ video. Here are a few of them:

Bas Smit (Dutch celebrity): “This really is not normal”

“If this is possible, we can potentially do everything”

“This is almost alien”

“You’re really come from another planet”

“You use every part of your brain”

“I do not believe what I see”

“Being able to use that much of your brain for these automotive skills is a gift (or a curse?)

“What is even happening”

“You are the meaning of incredible, Rajacenna”

“Spectacular, the best artist in the world”

“This is insane”


“Words aren’t even enough”

“No way!!! No way!!!”

“Your talent is abnormal”

“You are like 3D printer”


“Other worldy, blowing my mind”

“Are you really human”

“Utter shock and disbelief, subsided swiftly by amazement”