The Golden Muse Original


Original pencil drawing with gold leaf ‘The Golden Muse’ created by Rajacenna
Format 11 x 14 inch , 27,9 x 35,6 cm
Price: 1,295,– Euro
Including handwritten postcard with personal message by Rajacenna
Unframed/Passe-partout included
Tax included

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The woman portrayed in the sketch is mysterious and her hair is flowing in the center. My intention was to have a balance between emotions and a sense of fierceness. I wanted to express that she’s been through a lot but it gave her more strength.

The blue diamond in this sketch signifies calmness and wisdom. The moon is made of golden acrylics, gold for me symbolizes something that is really valuable. And what is valuable for the woman in the sketch is the wisdom she gained after experiencing hardship, so the tears turned into gold: The difficult times turned into wisdom.


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