Power Woman Rajacenna

Rajacenna and Einstein

Rajacenna will be working live on the ‘PowerWomen’ exhibition at Museum Vlaardingen the whole month of April. For her new art project, she will bring 10 different paintings to life simultaneously with her hands and feet.

An innovative artistic performance that will be captured with multiple video cameras. This unique art experience is part of the exhibition “Powerful Women of Vlaardingen” and the ambidexter is linked as one of the contemporary powerful women of Vlaardingen to an admirable woman from Vlaardingen’s past.

The exhibition aims to bring women of Vlaardingen out of the shadow of their fishing history, presenting the achievements and obstacles of women in a broader historical context, from net makers to scientists.

Rajacenna’s brain research, including the painting she created with her feet of Einstein, will be on display. Neuroscientist Professor Onur Güntürkün, winner of the Leibniz Prize in Germany, conducts scientific research on her brain, stating, “She is capable of things that neuroscience deems impossible!”. An EEG brain scan already revealed earlier her right and left brain hemispheres are three times more connected than usual.

Rajacenna will be live at work during the exhibition, using both hands and feet for her new project. Schools have the opportunity to participate in workshops led by Rajacenna during the exhibition, along with a visit to the display.

The exact days and times of her painting sessions can be checked here. The exhibition runs from March 8 to June 24, 2024.