Owl City’s Adam Young inspired by Rajacenna’s talent

May 12th Adam Young of Owl City presented his long-awaited new album “Mobile Orchestra”. The video which promote this album, was created in collaboration with Dutch art phenomenon Rajacenna.

It was recently announced that the successful hitsinger, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Owl City releases a new album this summer.
Hyperrealistic illustrator Rajacenna had the privilege to participate with her drawing skills in this artistic album presentation.
The promotional time lapse video shows how the cover art of the album is created. The video also features the latest music from the album.

“Fantastic, this is so amazing. We are so inspired by your work and talent.” The singer is very impressed Rajacenna’s drawings and is therefore extremely excited about her participation in the video.
For the 22 year old pencil artist this project is one of the most detailed artworks so far. The cover is a very complicated design containing many different components of musical instruments. Because of these many details it was a great challenge for Rajacenna to realise this artwork.
Owl City is one of the favorite artists of the ‘Pencil Ninja’, as the media calls her, and therefore she feels honored that she was able to perform this task.

The time lapse video of the cover art can be viewed here: