Simultaneous drawing with both left and right hand is an extraordinary difficult art skill not ever done before in colored hyper-realism. Former child prodigy and hyper photorealistic drawing artist Rajacenna, now has immortalized both Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at the same time in two exceptional colored pencil drawings.


Rajacenna has a skill that geniuses like Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci also possessed. Ambidexterity or two dexterity is a rare phenomenon. Approximately 1 percent of the people has a natural form of ambidexterity. Being able to draw with both hands simultaneously is already exceptional. Drawing two total different drawings with both left and right hand at the same time is even more extraordinary. Drawings of this kind of hyper photorealism master level might be called inconceivable. She never exercised this incredible skill. Rajacenna’s eyes are often compared with a photo camera. Her doctor once said: “her brain has to calculate very complicated processes before sending that information to her hands”.