Rajacenna in Was Kann Der MenschWatch here

Peering Woman

‘Peering Woman’ original white pencil drawing on black paper is up for sale in Rajacenna’s Art Shop. This drawing was part of a 4 simultaneously drawing session which is filmed for a national TV news report about Rajacenna July 28, 2022. The contrast between black art paper and the use of white pencils gives the


I was enjoying this part of the project. While working on the paintings; I first tried to simplify the part of the shadows and drew the shapes of the darker parts. Then Icould finally fill them in with more paint and blend it better together. In this part of the project I still needed to

9,5 hours of realtime ‘Woman King’ P2

This is the real time footage of The Woman Kind part 2 (from 5). In this part of the project I was still working on the faces of the paintings and also was really busy on the 3 drawings. Those particular portraits of the actors of the movie ‘The Woman King’ had so many tiny